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Jan 17, 2024 By Daniel Jackson

If you’re looking for a holiday destination that will leave you with remarkable memories, Kerala is just the right place! Taking a holiday to this breathtakingly beautiful part of South India offers stunning landscapes, refreshing backwaters and blissful beaches, and an array of activities that will make your getaway truly special.

Whether exploring natural attractions such as Matri Hills or visiting cultural sites like Padmanabhaswamy Temple, this state has something everyone can enjoy. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing amazing things to do in Kerala so you can enjoy an incredible vacation here!

Top Things To Do In Kerala For An Incredible Holiday In 2023!

Watch The Neelakurinji Bloom

Munnar is a stunning hill station in the Idukki district of Kerala, India, and it stands at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. In 2018, BBC awarded it as one of the most beautiful places in Asia.

While there are countless things to do here, like trekking, visiting tea plantations, or going on a safari, perhaps the most important thing to do in Munnar is to witness the blooming of Neelakurinji, a unique flower that grows in the region once every 12 years. It’s an incredible sight and something you won’t want to miss.

In 2023, it will be time to experience this thrilling event once again! Whether you stay for a few days or just spend a day exploring the area, ensure you don’t miss out on this incredible event!

Kovalam Beach – A Trip To Heaven

Kovalam Beach in Kerala is one of India’s most famous tourist destinations due to its stunning beauty and various activities. From relaxing in the sun, swimming in the sea, or taking a yoga class, there’s something for everyone! Kovalam is also known for its Ayurvedic massage centers, a great way to relax and pamper yourself during your holiday. Another highlight of Kovalam is watching fishermen sail off in their traditional boats for a day of fishing.

Whether you want to relax or explore, Kovalam Beach is the perfect place to visit in 2023!

Wayanad – A Trip To Heaven

Wayanad is a scenic hill station located in the northern part of Kerala, and it’s known for its beautiful nature and wildlife. Wayanad has something for everyone, from watching exotic birds in the forests to exploring caves!

Plenty of activities here include trekking, visiting local villages, or taking a boat ride around the lake. You can also explore exciting waterfalls such as Meenmutty Falls or Thusharigiri Falls. For those who love adventure, Wayanad is the perfect place for you!

Visit this stunning hill station in 2023 and have an incredible holiday experience.

Alleppey Backwaters – A Heavenly Experience

The Alleppey backwaters are a must-see when visiting Kerala in 2023. This stunning landscape of lakes, canals, and lagoons is a perfect way to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The best way to explore Alleppey backwaters is by taking a houseboat cruise which will take you through narrow canals, lush green fields, and historical sites.

During your boat ride, you’ll be able to spot several species of birds and wildlife, such as Kingfishers, Brahminy Kites, and wild boars. You’ll also be able to enjoy traditional Kerala dishes while being surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful backwaters.

Athirapally Waterfalls – A Stunning Sight

Located in the Thrissur district of Kerala, Athirapally waterfall is a stunning sight you must see during your holiday in 2023! This 80-foot-high waterfall cascades down from the Chalakudi River, creating an unmissable display of beauty. You can dip in the cool waters or simply sit and admire the magnificent views.

Aside from the falls, you can also explore lush forests, trek up to Vazhachal waterfalls, and visit Thumboormuzhy Dam, a great spot for bird-watching.

Anamudi – Conquer The Highest Peak In South India

Anamudi is the highest peak in South India, standing tall at 2695 meters above sea level. Located within the Eravikulam National Park, Anamudi is a great destination for trekking enthusiasts who aren’t afraid of heights.

The best time to visit Anamudi is in March-May, when the weather is ideal for trekking, and you can take in the stunning views of tea plantations, grasslands, and hills. You can spot wildlife such as Nilgiri Langurs, elephants, and tigers.

So make sure to visit this incredible peak in 2023!

Vagamon – Take A Trip To Heaven

Vagamon is a tranquil hill station located in the Idukki district of Kerala. It’s known for its lush green meadows, mesmerizing waterfalls, and breathtaking views.

There are plenty of activities here, such as trekking, paragliding, or rock climbing. You can also explore tea plantations, visit churches or just relax and enjoy the views.

Make sure to add Vagamon to your list of places to visit in 2023 and have an unforgettable experience!

Kumarakom – Explore The Backwaters

Kumarakom is a popular tourist destination in Kerala, known for its serene backwaters and breathtaking views. Located on the banks of Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is a great place to relax and take a houseboat ride around the lake. You can also spot exotic birds in the bird sanctuary, explore surrounding villages, and look at the traditional Kerala lifestyle.

Bekal Fort – Explore The Historical Sites

Bekal Fort stands tall at 35 meters, the largest fort in Kerala. It was built by Sivappa Nayaka of Bedanore in 1650 AD, and it’s a great site for history lovers. The fort has several historical monuments, such as cannons, tombs, and temples, which are a must-see during your holiday in 2023!

Kochi – Visit The Gateway To Kerala

Kochi is also known as the “Gateway to Kerala,” and it’s definitely one of the must-visit destinations in Kerala. There are many interesting sites to explore here, such as the Jewish Synagogue, St Francis Church, and Dutch Palace.

You can also enjoy several activities like going on a boat ride around the harbor or visiting the bustling markets where you can find an array of goods from spices to traditional handicrafts.

Varkala – Take A Dip In The Sacred Waters

In Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram district sits the lovely coastal town of Varkala. The region is renowned for its magnificent beaches, lively markets, and historic temples.

Varkala is also home to the famous 2000-year-old Sivagiri Mutt temple, which draws devotees from all over India. The waters here are believed to be sacred, and many people take a dip in these holy waters. You can also enjoy parasailing, beach volleyball, or even yoga on the beach.

Silent Valley National Park – Explore The Unique Wildlife Of Kerala

Silent Valley National Park is a stunning wildlife sanctuary in the Palakkad district of Kerala. It’s home to some of India’s most endangered species and one of the few places in the world where you can see them in their natural habitat.

From tigers to lion-tailed macaques, this park offers an incredible opportunity to observe wildlife at its best. You can also hike up Kunti Hill, explore the picturesque waterfalls, or visit the nearby tribal villages for a unique cultural experience.


Q: What can I do in Kerala?

A: There are plenty of activities you can do in Kerala, such as visiting temples, exploring backwaters, hiking, paragliding, and much more!

Q: What are some of the popular destinations in Kerala?

A: Some popular destinations in Kerala are Wayanad, Alleppey backwaters, Athirapally waterfalls, Anamudi, and Kochi.

Q: Are there any wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala?

A: There are several wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala, such as the Periyar National Park, Silent Valley National Park, and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. You can spot tigers, elephants, and a variety of birds here.


Kerala is an incredible destination that has something for everyone! From stunning landscapes to unique cultural experiences, this state is truly a hidden gem, and it’s perfect for creating an unforgettable holiday experience.

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